From idea to prototype in a day?

Why a day – and not a week?

  • My attention span is short – anything longer requires management (= waste)
  • I want results sooner than rather (= time, my most valuable asset. Money cannot buy it)
  • Day is practical unit of time: Night time allows one to clear the mistakes made..

Why settle with prototype – why not a product, you know $$$?

  • I am not that clever. (IMHO A successful product is way more than single  executed idea. It typically is fairly large sum of implementation details that fit with well-understood market segment with clever marketing and lengthy execution from various parties.)

Yeah, but why prototype – wouldn’t mockup be enough?

  • Let’s be liberal here. Mockup is close enough to prototype
  • Most people cannot understand ideas without tangible examples.
  • With a real prototype at hand even people who get the idea will see more.
  • Prototyping is fun.

Why not write about something more meaningful like politics, moonshots..?

  • Why not, in deed..
  • ..because I cannot make a moonshot in one day!
  • ..and prototyping on politics isn’t really my area of expertise.